Follow your Heart…


Time to decide on what we are going to make the next year about. Resolutions can be exciting to make, as it seems like a new challenge, like you are tempting the next year to fight against your dreams. But where we go wrong is believing there is anything that could stop us from our deepest desires in that year to come. We need to make it come true by believing in what we wish for before it arrives and put the action in to make it happen. Don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen!

Last year my resolution was to make at least 1 person smile a day. Which I did manage fairly well, without really trying! But it was only easy when I decided to make ME smile first. If I wasn’t smiling in my heart then that task failed. As YOU need to be happy first to really make someone else happy.

So my new year resolution is to “Follow My Heart”.

To do what makes me happy and bring all the love I can to my life and “Spread the Love” amongst everyone I meet!  But also, trust is important in any resolution. You need to have trust in yourself that you will follow it through. Trust that if something should come up to challenge it, you should not lose faith.

You may think to have a resolution to follow your heart is a bit of non-specific choice (and a bit of crappy waste), as you probably think “Well yeah, doesn’t everyone do that already?”. But to me it is very important. I am such a people pleaser, I forget to look after myself in order to help others first. It is what I do and I know it is a great attitude to have most the time, to want to see others happy. But by not making me happy first, it drives resentment towards those you have focused on as you then blame them for forgetting YOU.

2011 has been about lessons for me. Realising a lot of s**t I did not want to see for a long time. I am thankful to those who have helped me develop a more sense of self, to wake me up from playing a victim in my own life drama. I see clearly now, I am my own GOD, the master of my own destiny. Nobody is preventing me from living, it is only me letting them prevent me. Once you set yourself free it feels amazing! To realise this is your story, and only you have the power to write it.

So what will be in the next pages of your story? What is important to you right now, and what is holding you back? Remember to believe in yourself! You have the power to make your dreams come true! If life cuts you down or throws you a blow, don’t falter. “Savour the waiting”, as the wonderful Mastin Kipp says (see links below). These moments where your life turns upside down is to shake out what is not healthy for you and to make you see what great things you could have!

Most of us miss the new doors that open to us because we spend too long watching the door that just closed. Look out for the open doors, and step forward into adventure!

Happy New Year to all, may this next year be full of love, joy and adventure for you!
Much Love
Gabe xx
Please see the links I have added below, these take you to some inspirational people who have helped me get to where I am today, full of love… Kipp, founder of the daily love brings you inspirational quotes and some fantastic ways of dealing with the daily struggles you encounter. Sign up for his daily email! – Inspirational stories, life changing moments and love, all by reading and understanding the Secret

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