Gaberson’s Appreciation Society – Members – 1. Me

As yesterday was my first blog attempt I didn’t really discuss “Gabemas Day”.

I left the Forest of Dean over 6 months ago, and to be back here with family is wonderful. I do miss the fresh air, familiar faces and the home comforts of being waited on hand and foot at Mum’s (bless her).

Good haul of gifts this year but what has made me the happiest is being able to be here with the “fam”. I truly mean that, I know  lot of people say it but the feel of joy I get is amazing. I started off the holiday by staying at Daddio’s Gabemas Eve. We watched festive TV, and had a festive scrambled egg breakfast together, it was just lovely. I bought him the stunning Blu-ray version of the Lion King as one of his gifts this year. I remember  it being the first film I ever seen with my Dad, I was only about 6, but the effect that film has on me still now, leaves me full of emotion.

I noticed upon watching a documentary on the DVD features that whenever I heard the soundtrack my skin would go goose bumpy and I would feel very emotional. I felt full of pure love, to the point I almost cry. I have no idea why it affects me in this way, but I feel at home when I see it.
A few years ago while watching the film with my dear friend Tanise, we both noticed at the same point in the film something very bizarre…the way Disney created the lions was very masculine and at the same moment both I and Tanise jumped up and shouted “The lion has hot biceps!” which at the time, was a definite attractive factor in the opposite sex for us. So we realised in unison where our love for tall broad men come from…bloody Disney!!

Check out 4:50 into this clip – when Mufasa jumps out of the stampede…this was the moment!

So if I was influenced by that then I don’t feel so bad for being affected by the death of Mufasa in the film… every time I watch it, I feel so sad, as I think of my Dad. But on the bright side, it reminds me to completely appreciate my family, lovingly devoted to them and accepting of them entirely.

For many years me and my Daddio didn’t have much of a relationship. After my parents ended their relationship it was difficult and without the love for the beautiful game in common (football) we didn’t have much to connect on. It was strained for a long time and I developed a sense of rejection from him. There were times I resented him and felt hurt by the smallest of things he did, even though he didn’t even know he had done it. But over the last few years, after living with him again, going through some very troubling times and coming out of it the better, our relationship has blossomed and I love and appreciate his presence very much. I chose to grow from the mistakes that had been made in the past, and encourage him to do so alongside me. This has brought us closer than ever, more so than even my brother is with him now.

I am truly grateful for all the bad times as I would not be who I am or where I am today without them.

Waffle end.

Gabe x


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